How to Keep your privacy safe chapter 1

How many forms that you already submit the form this month? Or do you check privacy settings when you install a new application?

This looks harmless, but the impact from the future is a bit annoying; I’m not going to say that it’s dangerous or not. Because it depends on the keeper of your data, they can do a bad thing and annoy stuff :D. I hope from this article you guys are aware and concerned about your own privacy and how to keep your privacy safe.


Keep your birth date stay hidden

When I registered on a website, I usually fake my birthday except for the bank website and any other important thing. If it’s social media like Facebook and Twitter, I hide my birth date from other members. It’s not like I don’t want to celebrate my birthday, but it’s for my privacy & keeps me safe; read all of this until the finish; you will know why it’s so important.

Choose unrelated username

Ok, it’s a bit controversial because it’s a good idea to use our surname & nickname for the username and keep it consistent for the sake of branding; But let’s talk about your pet’s name, your hometown, or other stuff you might like. Usually, we end-up up using a username that is related to us.

Is it a problem? Not really; if we want total anonymity, then use something that it’s unrelated to you.

Have more than one Email

If you love to test so many apps that need to require you to log in, it would be great if you have 2 emails, 1 for business / personal, and the other can be your secondary account to register many apps; it also will help you to manage your email inbox.

Also, no one can track you, as long you don’t input/register to your phone.

That’s all how we keep privacy safe; in the next chapter, we will explain why the above tips are so important.
On this site, we don’t track any of your site’s activity; we only check the request from our server to keep our web safe from attackers.

UPDATE (17/11/2022)

We are currently using Google Analytics for the website, but we always respect your privacy, thus we ensure not to keep sensitive data from your ?.


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