When Do We Need to Optimize Our Website & Server?

This article talks about how important to optimize the web and server. How it impacts your business and why you should concern about it.

This question maybe it’s rare for the owner/developer of the website to think of when do we need to optimize our website or optimize server?; when the site/app works fine, and there’s no “bug,” then we “think” we don’t need to optimize our site/app yet.

Is that the right answer? for me, the answer is less precise, let me explain to you.

The right answer from the above question is depend on some of the aspects in our website/app that became slower than usual. Is it from the frontend side? Or client browser? Or our web server? Or maybe our app service and hardware server?

That question leads us to the new question “what make our site/app become slow?” and “when will the site or our app become slow?”.

In this article, we are going to discuss one by one of this questions!

From Frontend Side

On the frontend side, it’s optional to improve/optimize on this one; we could say that it’s a minor issue. This issue is usually because of too many layers, the code’s logic is not bloated, and the browser compatibility between the engine browser and our frontend (the format and code).

But the issue on the frontend also can be critical when the duration of Visitor (UV) is concise in our website, or many users don’t click our button (Call To Action). Our specific goal does not achieve, and this can be a significant issue if your business depends on a website/app.

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Some of the impacts of frontend issues like lousy design, breaking the design, and the website’s element cannot be accessed, not achieving our goals (lead). The frontend can be important if our main business depends on the website.

From Backend Side

From the backend level (App & Server), optimization is the critical thing to do, which can be a significant issue if we don’t optimize it. The unoptimized backend’s impact can lead to a bad experience for the client like slow request, failure to load, and vulnerabilities to hack/attack.
On the backend side, there’s some aspect that impacts website/application like service app, configuration & the web server itself, server infrastructure, and the code of the web/app the most significant contributor of this impact.

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In this article, we learn about the importance of backend & frontend optimization and how significant the impact if we do not optimize it.

Most web owners, concern about optimization when they notice the website is slower than usual; sometimes, they notice when their website already cannot be accessed, which is too late.
Of course, the website can be still fix it, but it will cost you more, and you might lose some opportunity (revenue).

Imagine when you do a presentation with your client or prepare your website to paid-advertise; But when you launch your paid-advertise, your website is down because your server cannot handle many users at once. As the business owner, you know that it will cost you a lot from opportunity lost and waste paid-advertise.

In Madebyaris, we offer server maintenance, manage WordPress, and optimize from backend, server, a frontend for web/app. And we do a long-term based, to help you more confidence & comfortable with your online business.

Madebyaris will forecast your website/app and server, and we predict when we need to optimize or upscale your website & server to minimize the error.

Thank you for reading our article; I hope this article makes many of us aware of how vital maintenance & optimizing web/app & server for a business owner.

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